Monday, April 30, 2012

In which I mustered a little catch-up

The size of my laundry pile indicates, for me, the success or failure of my housekeeping goals.  The amount of room between my stomach and the waist-band of my favorite jeans is the measure for my health and fitness objectives.  And the number of photos on my camera's memory card is the index of the currency of this blog.

The number 437 is my cue that it's time to update.

Here we go with mostly pictures and some words where necessary.

(note: any kind of order or organization of these photos is not happening today)

Lesson Day is not Jack's or my favorite 1/2 hour of the week, but I sure love this kid!
Schedules and routines got topsy-turvey when Mark was out of town.  I had to take the kids with me to my Thursday job, helping out a friend.  What a nice time we had that evening.  The big boys did homework, Joel took great pleasure in sweeping and making a beautiful new drawing for the refrigerator.
Sometimes we spend more time coming up with creative study positions than actually doing homework!
One kid wears snow boots and a sweatshirt and one wears shorts and a t-shirt.  I think the appropriate dress was somewhere in between these two.
The coolest birthday gift for a boy obsessed with the Statue of Liberty!  Thanks, Uncle Tim and Aunt Barb!

What I hoped would be a terrific celebration meal on the first Monday night in a long time for us to eat supper together turned to disaster when I discovered my roasted chicken and potatoes were not even close to being cooked.  We put together, instead, the most unhealthy, random combination of foods to make a substitute supper...pretzels, applesauce, canned corn, pizza pockets, baguette, and oh yes, some vegetables!
Joel taking care of the birds!
and then a little basketball
Have you ever seen hope expressed more in a face?
When flowers adorn my table, it's a certain kind of happy.

When my little dude wants to hold them on the way to our Sunday gathering...
so they can get double "usage" and their beauty adds to our worship of the One who created them...another level of happy.
I sure love these faces and the people they belong to.
When you have this much fun with new friends,

this mess that faced me in the morning was almost a pleasure to clean up.  I said almost!

Monday we had ice and snow and rain and gray.  Joel's little reading book that night was entitled It's Winter.  It was depressing, to be honest.

It WAS winter!  And it was a sad, sad day affecting me way more than I want to admit!
Sam tries to figure out first-grade math (because his mom couldn't!)
Jack folds clothes so fast, that I should have used the sports mode on my camera.  If you know Jack, you'll know I'm lying.
Our kids are so Québécois, playing hockey in the street.  And we are so Québécois for letting them play in the street and not freaking out about it!
What looks like a festive, joyous event was NOT!  Ten Thousand Villages, a project that was quite close to may heart for about 4 years is ending.  The store in Quebec City is closing its doors in a few weeks. Saturday night we said good-bye.  WAH!
Sunrise was at 5:30 today.  I did not take this picture today.  I love being greeted by these mountains in the morning.

I wowed my boys with my mad* mini-hockey skills on Friday when the kids were off school and it was too rainy to play outside.  

Yay, Dad!  9 weeks of radiation therapy FINISHED!  Like your certificate says you ARE a star!

My hip mama at her first social event in 8 weeks.  Thanks for the picture, Wendy!
*I mean SAD, sad mini-hockey skills