Monday, April 16, 2012

Hey, hey

I mentioned awhile back that my dad is undergoing cancer treatments (9 weeks, 5 days per week of radiation) and that my mom broke her hip a few days before he was to start the treatments.

Early tomorrow I fly out of the Indianapolis International Airport and head home to Quebec City.  I've been here with my beloved mom and dad for a little over a week, thanks to so many who made this trip possible.  There are so many people to thank for this precious gift (and I probably don't know the half of it.)

  • Our home church bought me a round-trip plane ticket from Burlington to Indy
  • My generous husband told me to go when I was still considering whether or not to accept the offer of a plane ticket.  What he actually said was, "You HAVE to go!"  He did not once hesitate, knowing full well what it would mean to be mom and dad for a week. 
  • I got a ride from some friends who "just happened" to be driving from Quebec City to Burlington on the very day I needed to get there.  Thanks, Pierre and girls!
  • And then there were friends who helped out with our kids when Mark couldn't be there for them.

It's been such a wonderful week.  I'm glad my parents ate my food and listened to me yak and accepted assistance (not easy for such go-getters such as they are!)  We've laughed, played games (I don't think they even let me win ONE!) and shared jokes and articles with each other.  I had the chance to meet Mark's mom for lunch and some friends for coffee, and we invited my brother, s-i-l, and niece over for supper one night.

I'm so thankful.  I'm filled to the brim!

Ciao for now, chiquitos!