Friday, April 6, 2012

For you, for Easter

"Today is Good Friday, the day we liturgically celebrate the crucifixion of Jesus. Why is it called, "good?" Philosophy says that goodness is self diffusive, or self giving for others. On the cross Jesus dies for us, diffusing and emptying himself so we might all receive of God's love fully. He turns every defeat into victory today! He defeats defeat. He destroys death by dying. THIS IS ALL GOOD, MOST GOOD, and THE HIGHEST GOOD!!! Let's enter into the Mystery of Good Friday today with awe and wonder in the face of such faith, hope, and love! At 3 PM, the time of His death, take a moment to pause and ponder the height and depth, the width and breadth of His love for each of us personally, and for the entire world!"
-John Michael Talbot