Monday, March 26, 2012

Knocks, Boosts, and New Experiences

I just went out for a run and was back within 2 minutes. I just couldn't do it today. It's crazy cold out there and the wind was tearing at my clothes.  I checked the temperature just now.  18° (feels like 7°)  I'm amazed at how, after a couple gorgeous warm, spring-ish-kind-of-days, it's as if my spirit cannot tolerate such winterness.  The kids don't have school today and all of them (we have two extras) are still asleep.  So...I blog

I had a rich, full, beautiful weekend.  One of those that was so jam-packed with challenge, grace, inspiration, surprise, and blessing that it almost feels wrong to speak of it.  So with a weekend like that, it seems just as wrong to complain about anything, to find anything to knock.  But I will anyway.  And it's a silly little thing that makes me laugh.  It seems like the appropriate knock for such a time. 

With that disclosure out of the way, I'd like to knock my hair barrette.  Yesterday in church, I sit on the front row with head bowed in prayer when BAM something hits me in the back of my head.  I jump and wonder what it could be when I see my barrette land with a ping on the linoleum floor in front of me.  The quiet moment of worship is interrupted with some boy giggles and I try to keep my wits about me. 

On the way home, I think about this story and it makes me laugh some more.

Picking one thing is hard, but I'll follow the rules.  I'd like to boost our friends, F and A, for popping by Saturday afternoon unannounced.  I was alone, wearing a floury apron, barefoot and with no makeup on, and I still was so glad they did that (which I think says a lot about what kind of friends they are).  Mark (and the boys) did eventually get back and joined us for a good long chat.

New Experience: 
There were more than one of these too, but...

We had never celebrated our littlest boy's 7th birthday before!  And we did.  All day Saturday. 

Campfire birthday cake!

I think I'll write a post all about what we did later.  I hear boys!!  Happy Monday to YOU!