Thursday, March 22, 2012

Knocks, Boosts, and New Experiences

I'm bringing back this Blabby tradition.  This post should have been written on Monday, but I couldn't squeeze it in.  So here it is--our Knocks, Boosts, and New Experiences from last week.

I'd like to knock the bad decision that some hoodlum made to open up our van last Thursday night and steal (among other things) my sweet Lola, 40th birthday present from Mark and lifesaver. We always lock our van at night, but that night I specifically remember NOT locking it (I'm not even going to explain this weirdness, and you're welcome).  Does this mean that someone walks the neighborhood and tries all the doors of the cars, just in case?  It sure seems like it since the one night it's not locked...grrrrrr.

I'd like to boost Philippe and Anne-Laure (parents of Sam's friend, Gaël) who had us over for supper on Saturday night.  We started to get to know them a little during Sam and Gaël's football games when we would chat a bit.  They are from France and have only been living in Quebec for 7 years.  They gave us a real French experience--a five-course meal and staying at the table until after 11:00.  They are both medical doctors and each did a year-long Harvard fellowship.  We felt a little out of our league, but they were so gracious and kind interesting, and we really enjoyed ourselves.

New Experiences:
Saturday, we met up with our church family (there were 46 of us altogether) for a cabane à sucre where we ate a huge traditional meal with live music and then headed outside to enjoy a MOST beautiful afternoon, so warm and sunny.  There was tire d'erable and beautiful conversations. 
All of this was not a new experience for us, but what followed was.  At this place, they have dog sled teams, and a sweet lady paid for our kids to have this chance.  What a treat it was for them!
P.S.  I eventually got over being bummed that I forgot my memory card for my camera and used what I had.  I`m thankful I, at least, had my phone with me.  When will I get it together??