Friday, March 16, 2012

Red's got the blues

Jack found out Wednesday that his beloved teacher (Madame JoĆ«lle) is leaving, and another teacher will finish out the remaining 3+ months of the year.  It has something to do with the type of contract she has.  We really don't understand how the school system works here in regards to teacher contracts at all, and this is not the first time we've been confused by it.

He's so SAD.  He had such a hard time concentrating on his work and even had difficulty eating the day she told them.    It's tough for us, too.  We think about when he was littler and we could make a funny face or kiss the top of his head and suddenly everything was better.  Those things aren't working now :)

What makes this all just a tad bit more painful, is that he had a teacher in 3rd grade that yelled and belittled (tough for any kid, but especially hard for a sensitive soul like Jack) and then (can you believe it?) he had the misfortune of having her again in the 4th grade.  We prayed that God would give him a super-duper extra good teacher for fifth grade. And he did!  And we were so grateful.

He and I shared a little prayer time yesterday morning.  That helped us focus a bit more.  Remembering God is good and in control is NOT a small thing.  It's just that we need to keep reminding ourselves of those truths. 

Jackie, my favorite redhead...I dedicate this song and fun video to you.  Please laugh today.