Sunday, February 26, 2012

An uncommonly good weekend

Friday night
Completely delicious supper with friends who insisted that I not bring ANYTHING.  How nice it was to not think of one thing having to do with eating or feeding my family that night!  Then we played a game, one of our favorite games to play with these friends--Hit or Miss.  And before the evening ended we watched Courageous together.

Waking up to a newly whitened world was a great way to start the day!

And it was a gorgeously mild day.  The perfect kind that invites outdoor play.

So the kids had their friends over, except Joel who tried twice and missed both times.  I was afraid he'd be devastated to not have a buddy.  No, he told me, it was okay.  "Guillaume is coming.  He's fun."  Guillaume is Sam's friend.  How adorable is that?

The boys went outside and took advantage of the perfect snow.

And when they were all tired out, well, there were white chocolate chip cookies waiting for them.

And loads of wet gloves, coats, and tuques for me to dry!

When the friends left to go home, Sam helped me make Lemon Chicken with whole wheat pasta and peas.  We were quite puckered up during the meal, but all the food was pretty much cleaned up!  The lemon pie that Sam talked Mark into buying for dessert helped take care of any sourness. 

I was a little disappointed Saturday night when I got a call from the girl scheduled to be in the nursery asking me to switch with her.  I agreed, but I wasn't really looking forward to it.  After a moving and God-honoring worship time, I headed in to do my duty.  It turned out to be just fine.  I got lots of sweet squeezes from my favorite 2-year old and a good conversation with two friends (F also not supposed to be there this week but said he'd stay when no one else showed up and  R who came in to join us because she was having it tough staying awake in the service--ha!  Just so you know, Mark was not teaching this week!!) while holding the most precious 6-month old bébé.

After lunch, I finished reading Where the Red Fern Grows to the boys.  We are so relieved to be finished with this painful story.  And I don't mean painful the way I thought I would when I started the book.  I mean PAINFUL to read.  How did this book get to be a classic?  The writing is terrible--repetitive, laborious, stilted.  Even my boys recognize that it is awfully written!  We were all touched by how little Ann died of a broken heart with her body laid out on Old Dan's grave, but for the rest...we have no love. 

Then Mark and Sam worked together on Sam's tough algebra assignment.  Mark said it was hard enough to begin with, and then to have to figure it all out in French...
We, as a family, are unplugging our TV for the next six weeks.  Mark didn't think this was such a sacrifice for me (and he's probably right), but who cares about that?  I'll try to deny myself in other ways in these weeks leading up to Easter.

The afternoon was so slow and wonderful.  Mark and Jack worked on a movie they are making for our church back home.  Joel played quietly on the floor.  I even picked up a guitar that was sitting around and played a couple songs that only needed the four cords that I know.  

But everyone liked Sam's playing better.  I don't understand. 

So because of our TV/video fast, tonight instead of pizza and Waltons we had pizza and listened to part one of this Radio drama. Les Miserables is such a great story anyway, filled with redemption and grace, but the radio drama was excellent too (at least part one was!)

Jack's been wanting us to play this game he got from a friend for his birthday.  It required 3D glasses and there was lots of complaining during this game.  I can't see.  My eyes hurt.  I think someone stole my card.  This is hard.  My guess is it won't become one of our favorites.
We finished up our weekend by reading Scripture together and trying something new
It was really meaningful and beautiful.

I loved this weekend.  But now it's bedtime!