Monday, February 20, 2012

Love Languages

The other night our Credo ladies put on a Valentine's Supper for the women at the YWCA's Grand Marelle (a rehabilitation program for homeless, abused, or addicted women).  Part of our program was to talk about the 5 Love Languages.  Each of 5 different women shared her language and then we gave time for the ladies to share their own or to just add a story or a thought.

It was pretty interesting to hear the comments.  We've done this same "talk" on several occasions, and it always gets positive response.

For one thing, people love to talk about how they love to be loved.  I'm always moved by how readily this subject connects with people. 

Mark and I have already read The 5 Love Languages and have identified and shared our "tops" with each other.

But for some time I've wanted to analyze our kids, find out how they best understand love.  A couple weeks ago, I stumbled on this site that I had no idea existed. I happily bookmarked it so I could do the assessments with the boys.

Saturday night before reading to J and J, I did the quiz with each of them.  It was so sweet to hear them pick the statement they would rather hear from me, and the discussion that came after most questions.

One of the questions was something like:  Would your rather hear me say, "Come give me a hug" or "You're #1!"  When I asked Joel that one, he, with great enthusiasm almost shouted out, "You're #1!"  And straightway after blurting that out, he said with a funny look on his face, "What's that mean?"

So, allergic-to-touching Joel make me really laugh, you know that?

Anyway, it's a great site and a fun conversation to have with the kids, if nothing else.  I learned a lot from doing this with the boys.

Sam took the teenager one, but I have yet to see his results.  I took it too, so I can see how much I really know him.  I'm curious to compare the answers.  I'm pretty sure that "physical touch" is about as low on his list as it is on Joel's.  I'm blaming Babywise for that!