Friday, February 17, 2012

Our week

It was quite a full week around here.  In my attempts to keep the memories recorded, I decided that I should jot down the moments from the past few days, despite the fact that I don't feel much like blogging lately.
"We do not remember days; we remember moments" Cesare Pavese

A basketball game where Sam played more than he usually gets to and played VERY well.  8 points.  A gorgeous nothing-but-net 3-pointer at the end.  Glad. 

A last-minute Saturday afternoon phone call for a supper invitation to friends' house that night.  Delicious.  Encouraging.  Fun.  So out-of-the-ordinary.

A friend calling, needing to talk because she was sad.  Me thinking this was ironic considering I had been feeling pretty sad myself.  Good.  Honest.  Very late.

Finding ways to help Jack be more organized.  Positive.  Working already.  Appreciated.

A hand-written letter  in the mail with my name on it.  Real.  Long.  Vulnerable.  Needed.

A Monday off from school for Jack and Joel.  No special plans.  Just together.  Not rushing.  

Valentine's Day breakfast to start off the special holiday.  Happy.  Simple.  Appreciated.
A card from Mark (and a This American Life T-shirt) filled with beautiful words.  Touching.  Gracious.  So appreciated.
The real gift to me was the effort and time he spent chasing down some conversation hearts that I "needed" for a Valentine's game at supper.  Kind.  Patient.  Speaking my love language. 
the B's study hall
Reading time with boys that turned into a re-telling of Sam's birth story.  Laughter.  Memories.  Wonder.  Birthday boy not even there.

Our almost-Valentine's-Day baby turned 15.  Hard for Mom.  Joy.  "Samhattans" for supper.  Oven-baked donuts.
a tuner from Mom and Dad
Mark and other parents played against Jack's basketball team.  Mark dominated the game and he was even holding himself back.  Proud moment for Jack.  Fun.  Such a Hoosier!

Finding this article at JUST the right moment.  Rich.  Full.  True. 

A supper for the ladies at the YWCA and a "conversation" with my deaf friend, France, where I told her about an amazing love that God has for her.  She cared more about the recipe for the play-doh I had made for a game.   Sad,  but true.  Not discouraged.  God opens eyes, not me.

With music blaring, the boys made supper together tonight with Mark while I was out.  Most delicious.  Good to see them working together.   Ahhh!