Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Quoted as saying...

My mom, you may remember, asked me recently to change my blog header to include a picture of Jack.  When she saw the new header she wrote this to me:

Soooooooooo you got back at me!!  Two of Jack now, and a dumb one of ME!!  You're a PILL!!

During family worship time tonight we got a little off-topic (imagine that!) and there was a discussion about friend problems at school.  Joel told about a problem he had with a certain someone.  And then...

I didn't see the word come out of my face and I said shut up!

Where the Red Fern Grows is turning out to be, for us, a lot different than I expected.  It is becoming a joke to my boys.  First of all, the amount of times Billy cries is astounding and it gets a real rise out of them.  I have even started skipping the sentences that talk about him wiping his eyes or choking back tears just so I don't have to hear the disdain.  But there are some parts that are just downright laughable.  Even the kids recognize the unimaginative, one-dimensional writing.  They don't have much respect for Billy, who just does not seem too bright. I never noticed any of these details when I read this with my sixth graders.  Anyway,  tonight we had a rough time as a family (arguing, fussing, not working together, frustration, hard homework assignments, etc.), and it was amazing how therapeutic (or therapetic as Barney Fife would say) our book was!  The kids and I laughed and laughed, and all the problems from the two hours before just melted away.  It seemed that tonight's reading had more than it`s fair share of oddities.  A couple of them...

He snorted like Daisy, our milk cow, when she had seen a booger. (booger has to mean something different than how we use the word, but I sure can't find out what!)

He handed him a piece of the cheeseI heard it rattle in his throat as he gulped it down. (hmmm...the cheese rattled?)
And that is all, for now.