Sunday, February 5, 2012

Feeling chatty

It's Sunday morning and I'm home with Jack who doesn't feel well. See?
I took Sam and Joel to church and came back to be with Sickie.  We ate breakfast and then listened to a sermon together.  Now we are listening to Adventures in Odyssey, and he has his head over a pot of hot water.  I've been storing up some stuff in my brain for a few days, so maybe now is a good time to unload it.


about hygiene 
Joel is so excited to tell me that his teacher is going to bring her iPad to class on library days and the kids have a certain day where they get to play around on it.  "On my day," he says, "I'm going to bring my own headphones!"  Of course I think I know why but I want to hear it from him.  He smiles and says, "Because her's have her earwax in them." 

about autonomy 
Like every parent, I want my kids to grow up able to figure things our for themselves, be resourceful, be creative, and self-directing.  Lately I've wondered if I might be teaching just the opposite by coming too quickly to my kids' rescue when they encounter a problem.  So in an attempt to give them more time to figure things out before I jump in, I've started saying to them, "What if you were an orphan?  What would you do if you didn't have me to ask?  Try to figure out a way to solve the problem on your own."  So the other day, Jack was practicing the piano (I'm his teacher).  He was making a big mistake and I told him so. He said he didn't understand it.  When I wondered aloud why he didn't ask me a few days ago he says, "Well, Mom, I tried to ask you but it was one of those days where you said I was an orphan!"

about style
Saturday morning, Joel came and sat next to me at the table.  I looked at him and said, "Your shirt is inside out."  He looked down at it and said, "That doesn't matter.  I'm just staying home today."  

about miracles
A few minutes later, I was begging for cuddles from him and he was resisting.  I said, "Come on!  You lived inside me for 9 months, and you came out of me (trying to say that we are connected and that I'm not some foreign person that he should feel so allergic to).  He said, "It's hard to believe that I came out of you!"  Jack pipes up, "God works in mysterious ways!"


"I might have tacos when I get home.  I'm not quite sure yet."

I'm sure you've heard about the mayor of a Connecticut community who said this last week.  Most are accusing him of being racist (for this comment).  If you listen to the whole interview (4 min.) you'll see that he should just be accused of being an idiot.  I have never heard a stream of moronic talk out of one person's mouth, especially someone who leads in this very public way.  OH MY GOODNESS!  It's the most laughable 4 minutes of gibberish.  How did this man get elected, I'd love to know!  Anyway, the B's will be saying, "I might have tacos when I get home.  I'm not quite sure yet." as code for "What does that have to do with the price of peas in China!!" from now on.


I figured it out, finally.  All I have to do is tell them to go upstairs, brush their teeth and get on my bed (so we can read together).  That's it!  That's all I have to do.  They've had ALL day to be together and tell jokes and mess around.  But when I say to go up and get ready for bed, it's like magic words.  After those words have been uttered, they all of a sudden, break into gales of laughter, have endless energy, and persuade me by the happy sounds that they do indeed delight in being with each other.  Now, I just want to know why that is.  Because I certainly want nothing to do with stopping the fun or interrupt the bonding.  But I've told them to do something and I want to be obeyed.  Therein lies my dilemma:  insist on quick obedience or relish in the beautiful sounds of 3 boys enjoying each other. 


Why does watermelon flavor taste nothing like watermelon and yet all watermelon-flavored things (Jolly Ranchers and Jell-O and Bubblegum) have the same taste?  How did everyone get the same recipe for fake watermelon flavor? 

I had another one the other day, but I didn't write it down so I don't remember it now.  Somehow, I bet we won't remember any of these kind of questions when we get to heaven.


On Thursday, I was back at the place where I got towed a couple weeks before.  As I watched a snow plow, 3 big dump trucks full of snow, a smaller truck with a blinking arrow on the top alerting traffic to the work work it's way down the very street where I had parked that day, it was understandable why our van had been removed.  I already knew it, but watching the production from the window made it VERY clear to me. I was sure to park in a legal spot, but still not too sure of myself these days, I ran to the window every once in a while to make certain it was still there.

And about 20 minutes later, out that very same window, I watched an old man just on the other side of that fence, relieve himself.  I probably did not need to just tell that.

The other day, I snapped this picture of the boys locker room at the Jack and Joel's school.  It is, incidentally, the way into the gym when the main doors are locked (which happens after school is over).  Isn't it nice that they provide this wall of  "lockers" where the boys can put their coats and street clothes when they have a game?

Maybe someone should explain this concept to the boys.  Look, even the hooks went mostly unnoticed. 

In a recent letter:
BTW why have you kept that pic of only 2 of your boys at the top [of your blog], for so long.  I love it, but couldn't you have another pic up there too--of Jack?? 

Okay, Mom, I will. 

It makes me smile to see this most common sight--a lost glove stuck on a pole so the owner might possibly find it again.  It's a little kindness that warms my heart every winter.

When the song I'm listening to ends just as I pull into our driveway, it's another thing to make me smile.  Turning off a song in the middle is a bit hard for me, and I don't always have time to sit in the car until it's over.  I'm not the only one like that, am I?

And this picture of Sam's plate:

Our furniture is all ready for our friends to get here, the projector has been set up, and it's time for me to get making some good food.

So ciao, mis amigos! I`m going to make some tacos!