Thursday, February 2, 2012

My blog fan...sort of

It was just Joel and me together for lunch on Tuesday.  While he was finishing up his bowl of soup, he asked if he could look at the blog.  I needed to go upstairs for a bit, so I plugged in the mouse for him and pulled up Le Blab and gave him strict instructions to wash up well before looking.  As I went upstairs, I was thinking that if I ever lose motivation to keep blogging, I should remember how much it means to the family and especially to Joel who spends a lot of time poring over the pictures and reminiscing.  I was feeling pretty good about having such a loyal "reader".  About 10 minutes later I called down to the dining room, "You doin' all right, Joel?  How's the blog?"

"It's okay, Mom.  But I think you should add another year.  I'm gettin' kind of bored with it now!"

P.S. He's bored with over 700 posts.  Whatever! Reminds me a little of this most hilarious post by another blogger who likes to "BLAB"