Thursday, January 12, 2012

Silly Children!

+++Monday was the last day of Christmas vacation for us.  I got up early and decided to make cinnamon rolls for breakfast.  When they were ready a couple hours later, Joel wandered down to the kitchen still in pj's and half asleep.  He sat up at the bar next to me and peered into the kitchen.  When he saw the pan of cinnamon rolls he reached over and gave me a huge hug and said, "You're a loving and good, good mom."  I laughed and said, "What if I had made oatmeal this morning?  Would I be a loving and good, good mom?"  His answer: "Yes!  But I don't want oatmeal this morning.  I want a cinnamon roll!"
+++I told in my last post about Joel being so fascinated with the Statue of Liberty.  I'm here to say, the fire has not died.  I found the point to her crown in his bed the next day and Mark glued it on for him.  We told him to put it on his desk and not touch it for a couple hours.  A few minutes later I saw him sitting at his desk, head resting on his folded arms looking at HER.  He said, "Can I fall asleep at my desk?"  Somewhat surprised by this question as it was early in the afternoon, I said, "Yeah, are you tired?"  He said with a sigh, "Well, I guess if I'm gonna sit here until it dries..."  Just to let you know, he did not stay there until it dried.  :)
+++The people that stayed in our house while we were in the States for Christmas are BIG Patriots fans.  Well, now that I type that, I'm not sure that they are such big fans or if they just pretend to be because it bugs the Billingtons boys so much.  Anyway, when we walked in our house in the wee hours Saturday morning, the kids were not too sleepy or disoriented to notice that the table was covered with Patriots place-mats.  And they were absolutely disgusted.  (That cracks me up!)  Obviously, they can't take a joke.  There was also in the middle of the table, a box of Kleenex with the Patriots logo all over it.  The next day, Mark told Sam that he needed to mention the joke to A (the girl in their family that is his age) on FB, just to acknowledge that a trick had been played on them and not to ignore it (which is, I think, exactly what Sam hoped to do).  Here's how he "acknowledged" the joke:  Hey thanks for the patriots kleenex... I really enjoy blowing my nose on them :)

*Jack doesn't have a story in this post, but coming soon...a sweet one about my sensitive, lover of books.