Saturday, December 31, 2011

December's *Joy* Alert Series Recap

I've so much enjoyed this exercise that Sarah Jane invited her readers to join in on.  At first, I didn't really think I'd be able to be consistent or to even be able to find something each day to post.  My objective was to post EVERY day about something that happened or that I'd felt on THAT day and to use pictures taken on THAT specific day.  I was pretty much able to stick with that plan (except on the 15th and 19th).  I love looking down through this list and seeing how blessed we are and realizing that it wasn't one bit hard to find something to be JOYFUL about.  Most days, I had difficulty narrowing it down to just one thing.  Thanks, Sarah Jane for the challenge!
1 There is joy in being with the people that we love, in an everyday sort of way. 

2 My boys and their fun, silly ways bring me great joy.

Working hard and accomplishing things together is a joyful experience.

Singing (specifically baby singing) is good for the soul.  And so is sharing food and words and experiences with friends.
I'm so glad for delicious books and good stories and words!
I'm overwhelmed with joy at the notion that God became man.  I'm tasting grace this Christmas like I've never tasted it. 
I have a hard time getting started, but when time puts the pressure on, I usually find my groove.  This week and today, I've found joy in creating and the creative process. 

Although I have LOTS of ideas, I must admit that not too many of them turn out to be that good.  I'm joyful for a GOOD one (and also for my funny family that makes me smile).

It is a joy to be there for each other, to cheer each other on at ballgames and in life!

10  Watching Jack and his friends enjoy such a simple birthday party was a joyful experience.

11  Mark is gracious and patient and kind.  What a gift he is to me!  JOY!

12  My favorite redhead was my best-ever Christmas present.  It's such a joy to know him and to love him.

13  For me, there is an intense JOY when I workout, most especially when I run!  I'm so grateful for the health we have that permits us to run and to play. 

14  Spending time with an older generation + creating with kids+successful heart surgery=JOY!

15  Thinking about in what ways I'll be completely out of touch when I'm a granny scares me a little, but for now, I'll just rejoice in my old-fashioned relatives. 

16  Supper at friends' and sharing our passion of music is a joyous celebration of life and love.  Just as joyous is the prospect of a day together at home.

17  I wouldn't say we had all that productive of a day, but we did not have to hurry even one time.  Moving at a slow pace is JOY!

18  Finding joy tonight, is difficult.  Joyce is experiencing dark days, as is her family.  But we believe, even in the dark, that God is all mighty and in control. It's why we can keep on.

19  "14" has been a difficult age for me.  It's hard sometimes watching Sam navigate his way through this critical and often traumatic stage, but the journey is peppered with beautiful moments of JOY!

20  Looking forward with anticipation is pure joy!

21  Traditions are pretty important around here.  There is much joy in creating family traditions (and also in dropping everything and just taking a break)!
p.s.  I will remind myself of this when I'm driving, bleary-eyed at 2 AM Friday morning.

23  JOY is being the last one in the house after one last check, taking a satisfied peek of the CLEAN house through the door while putting the key in the lock, breathing a sigh of relief that everything got done (except that darn laundry), and joining the family for a long car ride home!

23  We are so glad to be here!  So thankful to be with family.  So grateful to be here with Mark's mom during her difficult time.  JOY!

24  "JOY is experienced so much more deeply when we are made to wait for the thing we long for.  The anticipation of Advent makes the JOY of Christmas even ore palpable."  from Come Lord Jesus Come

Happy New Year, Everyone!  xx J