Friday, December 30, 2011

I'm canning...

The last few days have been filled with great moments with our friends and family.  I'm trying to bottle it all up in my heart and mind so I'll always have these JOYful, beautiful times to enjoy. 
back from the library with a bag of delicious books (and just a week to read them all)
Grandma shows the boys how to cross-stitch
Sam and Hannah have been friends since they were babies
Glad they got to spend some time together today
Mark got me an umbrella lighting kit for Christmas, and I practiced a little with it tonight
Aunt Gwen, Jack, and Jake playing a word game
Dan reading Columbine, a book he bought at the Dollar Store
My sisters-in-law sharing a laugh
a little nap for these two
Joel shares a library book about elephants with Grandma while Mark cuts up her ham.
Christmas Eve after a very quick shopping trip--Panera Bread
On the way to the library in my parents' neighborhood
Uncle Rich and the girls counting money for a well we are hoping to buy
My sweet nieces (16 days apart) who love each other like you can't believe!
aren't they darling?
 Gramps playing Crazy 8's with Joelly

We still have a WHOLE week left here in Indy before we leave, so we've got a lot more moments to enjoy (and store up for the winter!)

Fun with the T's

One night this week, we went to the T's house for K's birthday!  What fun it was to be included in that.  We love this family, who one day about 20 years ago took in a lonely, lost girl and made her feel like one of the bunch.  The crew has grown to 16 (plus a dog) but I still feel just as loved and accepted as I did back in those days when I lived with them on Sumner Ave.
snuggles... or is it cuddles?
Discussing football

Beckley providing entertainment

more lovin'
something special goin' on here
Sam is so fun to jump on and to bug
We love you guys!