Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Poppin' in to say...

We're having a good ol' time!

Christmastime Pictures

Christmas Eve: Rehab Center where Joyce is getting well.  We talked and ate a pastry ring from Panara's that we had bought earlier that day.  Then we watched Sleepless in Seattle, the boys and I squished up together on the hospital bed next to Joyce's.  We stayed the whole evening with her. It is not how we imagined that we'd spend Christmas Eve, but we were so glad to be able to be with her.  I loved watching Mark care so well for his Mom.  He is gentle and kind and very good to her.
Joel had written a story for Grandma and was reading it to her here
a CD player for her room
pretty comfy, until Mom got in there too!
Christmas Day: We opened presents with our kids at my parents' and ate breakfast. Then it was off to FBCBG for a beautiful worship time. From there we went back over to the rehab center to spend the afternoon with Joyce. (She's doing much better, but it's still so hard to see her hurting and weak and sometimes still confused.  She had so looked forward to Christmas this year with her family all around her, and here she had to be away from home and in an unhappy place.) I ran next door to Walgreens to get sandwiches and fruit for our family for lunch. THAT is something I've never done on Christmas Day! There were family and friends in and out all afternoon, and at one point there were 13 of us crowded in that place, some on the floor, some on the other bed, one or two in the wheelchair...Late in the afternoon, after we had completely exhausted the patient, we all traipsed out and headed over to Mark's dad's and stepmom's place for an amazing supper and more gift-giving.
my big boy and me on Christmas morning
something is funny
Mark wrote notes to all the boys...so wonderful!
Sam helps get that pesky packaging open
finally getting to see Grandpa's reaction to his creations at the pottery place
playing in the gym at the rehab center until we got kicked out
the boys and cousin, Bryce showing of their IU shirts from Uncle Jeff and and Aunt Jackie
Mark's brother, Jeff, playing all serious with a toy guitar
Grandma still has her great sense of humor!

Grandma Peggy and Bryce
Sam and his Grandpa, Mark's dad

Day after Christmas:  My brothers and their families all met up at my parents' home for two days of fun!  It's the first time we've all been together at Christmas since 1998!  We ate, talked, laughed, were shamed by a video Mom found of all of us the Christmas of 93, sang, had a rousing, invigorating game of football, ate some more, watched Elf, and opened presents.  My mom and dad told stories in the evening of God's protection and faithfulness--a tradition that they started 3 years ago of carrying out Psalm 71:18 whenever we are all together.
my sisters (in-law)
brother, Dan with daughter, Claire
oh, Joel
poor Claire kept getting her feelings hurt!
Gwenny, thanks for the pictures of the game.  Sorry you didn't bring the right shoes so you could play too!
figuring out the play
graceful Mark!
my brother, Rich falling hard
goin' nowhere, Markus
"I see you, Joel!"
Dan giving some advice to Joel
glad I could provide a seat for you, Mark

Dad reading something funny to the menfolk
listening to Grandma's stories