Saturday, December 17, 2011

the *joy* alert: december 16

We had a simple, but delicious supper with friends.  H is a composer, and he graced us with his beautiful piano playing.  D sang with him, and then we all sang.  It was a big breath of fresh air at the end of a bit of a wearisome week.

And then we took another big breath together as a family back at the house when we lit some candles and read together by only the lights of the Christmas tree.  Everyone went to bed with the anticipation of one whole day (with the exception of haircuts for Sam and for me) at home with no plans, and most especially, no chores (we got those done before supper tonight).  I shouldn't really say we have no plans.  There was talk of studying and gift-making, and maybe that silly gingerbread house we started might get built! 

*Joy* Alert:  Supper at friends' and sharing our passion of music is a joyous celebration of life and love.  Just as joyous is the prospect of a day together at home.

This month, I am joining my friend,Sarah Jane, in writing daily about things that bring joy during this lovely, peaceful holiday season. 
joy in the season
I saw a GAP ad the other day that I shamelessly "borrowed" for my titles this coming month. Ironically, if I can stay out of the GAP and other such places, I will most definitely be more alert to what brings REAL, lasting joy.