Thursday, December 15, 2011

the *joy* alert: december 15

It was a full day and I have a lot of emotions running pellmell through my heart, so just to be safe, I'm going to steer clear of anything meaningful. 

Today we got a Christmas letter in the mail from one of my aunts (I have 6, so hopefully I can conceal her identity).  She hand wrote a note at the bottom.  Here's what it says:

Hope you all are doing well.  Always glad to get reports from Rich and Marcia, but we don't do much on the Internet or Blogs--try to keep our computer as empty as possible.  Have a blessed Christmas.

This made me laugh and laugh and laugh.

*Joy* Alert: Thinking about in what ways I'll be completely out of touch when I'm a granny scares me a little, but for now, I'll just rejoice in my old-fashioned relatives.

This month, I am joining my friend,Sarah Jane, in writing daily about things that bring joy during this lovely, peaceful holiday season. 
joy in the season
I saw a GAP ad the other day that I shamelessly "borrowed" for my titles this coming month. Ironically, if I can stay out of the GAP and other such places, I will most definitely be more alert to what brings REAL, lasting joy.