Tuesday, December 13, 2011

the *joy* alert: december 13

This morning when I went out to run, it was snowing.
I love running when it's snowing.
Tonight was Jack's last basketball game until sometime in January when he starts back up again.
There are also no more practices or games for Sam until January.  
So while I am happy for my boys to be able to learn a sport and to move, I'm glad for a little break.
I will not be getting a break, however, from the sounds of boys playing ball, because it's omnipresent in this house, especially in the winter.  
And I'm just prepared for some stuff to break.  I don't love my stuff more than I love the kids (and Mark) playing together and getting a moderate amount of exercise.

*Joy* Alert: For me, there is an intense JOY when I workout, most especially when I run!  I'm so grateful for the health we have that permits us to run and to play.

This month, I am joining my friend,Sarah Jane, in writing daily about things that bring joy during this lovely, peaceful holiday season. 
joy in the season
I saw a GAP ad the other day that I shamelessly "borrowed" for my titles this coming month. Ironically, if I can stay out of the GAP and other such places, I will most definitely be more alert to what brings REAL, lasting joy.