Wednesday, December 7, 2011

the *joy* alert: december 7

This week, I found myself knee-deep in projects (a special Christmas exhibit that we're having at our church's Sunday gathering, an activity I had planned for my last ESL class of the session, and Jack's birthday invitations). For a couple days our dining room table has been my workshop. Last night at supper it was just the boys and me as Mark was teaching a class, so I just moved all my junk to one end of the table and made just enough space for the kids to eat. No sooner had they sat down to eat, when Joel knocked his full glass of water over. Sam's quick reflexes saved my computer from ruin, and I grabbed a couple posters I'd been working on just as the water reached them. I was frustrated by the spill, but I quickly moved from frustration to thanksgiving when I thought about what could have happened. We all just kind of stood there in relief for a second at the realization that no harm had been done. And I grabbed my camera, which was NOT on the table (but still nearby) so we could remember.
I know, who takes a picture of water spills?

And after the little boys were in bed and Mark had come home, I got back to work.  I helped Sam with a paper for school for a bit, but it was mostly the hair-brained idea for my ESL class that I needed to finish.  I told Mark I was going to stay up all night.  He knows me so well (and knows my inability to pull an all-nighter) but he just said, "Really?" and then gave me a sweet look of support and a kiss.  I made it until about 2:45 or so and then flopped down on the couch for a two-hour nap.

When I got up at 5:00, I made a pot of coffee and then started on Jack's birthday invitation with InDesign (a program I don't know what I would do without) and printed it right as the rest of the B gang was starting their day. 

I had a very crazy and hectic day, but that might be a story for another day.  And the day is now done, and I'm looking forward to greeting my pillow!

*Joy* Alert:  I have a hard time getting started, but when time puts the pressure on, I usually find my groove.  This week and today, I've found joy in creating and the creative process.

This month, I am joining my friend,Sarah Jane, in writing daily about things that bring joy during this lovely, peaceful holiday season. 
joy in the season
I saw a GAP ad the other day that I shamelessly "borrowed" for my titles this coming month. Ironically, if I can stay out of the GAP and other such places, I will most definitely be more alert to what brings REAL, lasting joy.