Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Awesome/Not Awesome

It's that time again, because my list of things to share is getting long.

+++After some 20 months of no rain in the Marsabit Region of Northern Kenya, the rain tanks and wells are now full.  Go see how a bag of cement could be an incredible Christmas gift. 

+++Check out what wonderful thing happens when you Google the word askew.  It makes me smile.

+++I really love The Civil Wars.  They have a free Christmas song on iTunes this week.  Get it here.

+++I thought this list of FUN photography gifts was, well, FUN. 

+++Friend, Kerry, had a very humble and insightful post a week ago about learning a lesson.  I wanted to share it.

+++I don't know if I should put this in the "awesome" category, because child abuse is horrific and should NOT be associated with any good words, but I did like this article, How Do We Stop Child Sex Abuse? What Penn State Can Learn From PrisonsAnd Act One of This American Life gives a peek into the minds of State College residents who are trying to makes sense of the recent news.  It's worth listening to.

+++My dad sent me this from the national newspaper in Papua New Guinea with his own caption:  Don't text and carry a pig!


Not Awesome
+++This article about hungry Americans was a little hard to read.  

+++Children in the States are growing more and more unhealthy.  And when the government shows it only cares about $ and the big food companies, it's not at all surprising, but it sure is disappointing.