Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A restful weekend*

We had NOTHING to do this weekend.  Nothing planned, nothing scheduled, and nowhere to go!

On Friday night, Mark and I had a date.  First, we bought toilet paper because that is such a romantic thing to do!.  Then, we went to see Monsieur Lazhar, which was completely wonderful.  It gave us a lot to talk about during supper later, at a restaurant we'd never tried before. 
It was a good pick (but this is not a good pic)!

Saturday was a Billington Family Work Day.  We had two specific projects in mind:  Mark's office and our family room storage area where we keep most of the kids toys and sports equipment and clothes (differerent-sized and off-season).  And we planned fun breaks for every hour and a half. 

It was a great day where much was accomplished (and with little resistance).  We had a special family night once all the work was done.  The boys made a fire in the backyard (funny, considering we had our first snow that morning), we had caramel apples and a hilarious talk.

I asked everyone what they had learned that day.

I started by saying that I learned that I do this weird thing where I put my hand over my heart when I ask a question.  That's what Jack pointed out to me at dinner, and it was corroborated  by the rest of the family which simultaneously baffled and amused me.

Sam said he learned that if Joel had not been born, we would not have had a workday that day, meaning most of the mess and disorder in the room we cleaned was created by J.  And quickly diffusing a potential reaction from Joel,  Mark wisely responded, "Joel is just like his Dad.  He looks like me, and he's messy like me.  Only 2/5 of the Billingtons can be cool, and that's Joel and me!"  And you should have seen the look of admiration that Joel gave his dad! 

Jack learned that hard work is rewarding!  100 bonus points for Jack!

And then we got distracted from the sharing of our lessons with some discussion about the spanish word casa, a story about a Papua New Guinean kid named Kasafiamo (or Kasa, for short), and some tongue twisters.  There was much laughter and love and happiness.

Sunday we gathered, as usual, with our church family. It was a beautiful morning together of singing, prayer, learning, sharing. We came home. The boys played a hide-and-seek game with Mark while I made lunch. We ate. And then...rest time. A couple little boys rested in their bedroom. One mom took a nap. And one dad watched football with one big boy. And then we made pizza and watch the Waltons (season 8 is disappointing, to say the least).  Mark read to the boys, we prayed and sang together...

And that was the end of a beautiful, quiet, low-key weekend.

*with apparently very little picture-taking