Sunday, November 6, 2011

stories from our week

+++God has been showing me some stuff lately about how to be generous with my life. And for the 31st of October, that translated practically for me like this: a conscious decision to NOT be a Halloween Scrooge. I told Mark that I wanted to set up a table outside in our front yard and serve coffee and hot apple cider to the parents who came along with their kiddies to get candy. His eyes lit up (he's never understood my scrooginess) and suggested we bring the grill out front too, and add hotdogs to the menu. So that is what we did. And it was such a great time. Neighbors came out to chat (and some even said they'd participate with us next year), parents ate hotdogs and grabbed a cup of coffee, everyone who passed by said what a great idea it was, and I didn't sit in the basement hoping no one would ring the doorbell.
+++Sam did not go trick-or-treating this year.  It's the end of an era. But look at him, here, digging into Jack's spoils.

+++Jack wanted to be Ron Weasley and with his red hair, he was well on his way.  He did need a cloak, and asked me about making one many weeks ago.  But as is my custom, I waited until Monday morning to start.  
We sewed an owl puppet (that was mine when I was a wee one) to his cloak and voila!
+++Joel came home from his Halloween party at school in tears.   He's known since the summer that he would dress up as a spy when we found an beautiful black suit at a thrift store ($6) with which he was ENTHRALLED.  He wore the suit and a fancy pair of sunglasses.  But everyone asked him if he was a groom and wanted to take pictures of him with the princesses in his class.  When I asked if he corrected the teachers when they got his "character" wrong, he said, "No, you don't want me to correct adults!"  And that is true, but...

+++Thursday evening Jack had a basketball game.  Mark wasn't able to go, because he had an informational meeting for Sam's school basketball team around the same time.  Mark texted me right before the game started asking me if I'd found the school okay.  When I told him, "Success! with no wrong turns!"  He responded with, "Were the boys surprised?"  So I stuck out my tongue at him (in my head).  And then a short while later, while trying to get home, I made LOTS of wrong turns because a detour messed me up in a big way.  We were tired, hungry, and VERY very frustrated.  And Mark was justified in asking me if the kids were surprised that we made it to the school with no drama.  I'm afraid I'm doomed to a life of getting lost. 
Jack's cool-cat coach, Louis-Philippe

+++Friday night we had new friends over for supper--Bernado (friend of Joels' from school), his parents, and his Grandma.  They moved here two years ago from Brazil.  Mom and Dad speak French better than they do English, Grandma speaks english (quite well), but basically no French.  So what an interesting time we had!!  We'd forget Grandma and rattle away in French.  Then we'd look over and see that Grandma was clueless.  D and H (Bernado's parents) would then give her a little summary in Portuguese (while we sat listening and waiting for a reaction).  Then we'd speak in very slow English for a while to include Grandma, and then D and H would answer in French, and the whole scenario would be repeated.  Despite our language difficulties, it was a beautiful evening among friends. 
Bernado and Robin Hood

+++I had a new, and delightful experience on Saturday afternoon when I took a Zumba class.  It was a charity event put on by a dear friend of mine to raise money for awareness of francization.  My part in the afternoon was initially to document the afternoon with my camera, but I was talked into actually participating in the class.  And how glad I am that I did.  What a ball!  I smiled the whole hour.  And I already made plans to join a couple girls for more classes.

+++Friends from New Hampshire (that lived here last year and is how we came to know them) stayed the night with us last night.  We ate a most delicious chili that Mark prepared while I was Zumba-ing.  And then we played Balderdash and got our weekly dose of laughter.  We might have over-dosed.

+++And with that, I head out with Mark for a kid-less supper with 6 friends.  And I'm very much looking forward to it.  

Ciao, friends!