Thursday, October 27, 2011

La Vie est Belle

Do you ever just get overwhelmed with the beauty that is life?  I sometimes just feel so full of gratitude and love that I don't know what to do with it all.  It happens so unexpectedly, so suddenly.

And it happened to me yesterday, but this time I knew what to do about it!

I shared it.

I shared it with my family at supper.  I set a special table and made a cake.  And when everyone wanted to know what the special occasion was, I told them it was Celebrate Life is Beautiful Day.  And I blathered on and on while we ate, about the things I was grateful for--for them, for the gorgeous place where we live, for friendship.  It was a little bit of a speech, and I believe no one really knew what to do with this completely out-of-the-blue, emotional, carzy lady who made them cake on a weeknight!

I made them celebrate with me by telling why life was beautiful for them.  Here's what they said:

Joel--life is beautiful because I have friends, I have family, and I have nature to play in.

Jack--life is beautiful because friends support you.  They get you through hard times when you are sad and make you happy.  We have a home and a belief in Jesus.

Mark--God has chosen to make us part of His family.  That gives us a reason to exist and something to share with people.

Sam--(his answer indicated to me that he was tired and acting very teenager-ish...I didn't accept his boring answer and asked him to write a little paragraph for me later.) Here's what he came up with when coaxed:  Life is beautiful because we get to share it with others.  We laugh together, have fun, make memories.  If we didn't have anyone to share it with (friends, family) we wouldn't have all the pleasure of living that we do.  What fun is it to go somewhere by yourself, laugh by yourself, be sad by yourself...that's what makes life beautiful.

So a new holiday is born, at least in these parts.  October 26:  Life is Beautiful Day!  Let's Celebrate!