Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Little stories from our week

+++Jack, we are glad to say, was voted vice-president of his class in what, I guess, would be like student government (the process by which he won this vote is comical, but I`ll save the story for another time).  The way he explains it is that this group (2 people from each class in 4th, 5th, and 6th grade) basically plans activities and parties for the school.  So part of his responsibility is to walk around with the pres. (also, a good friend of his) and present the activity to the other classes.  On the way home from school at lunchtime...
Joel:  Mom, Jack came to our class today to tell us about the Halloween Party.
Me:  Oh, that's fun!  Did you say, "Hey, that's my brother!"?
Joel:  (a little disgusted) No, we aren't even allowed to hug if we see each other in the hallway!
how Jack does homework
 +++Recently, our family had a wonderful surprise when we heard from a dear, sweet friend of whom we had lost track.  We met E when we were studying French at Laval University some 10 years ago.  E was in my class, and we became fast friends.  After a few years in Quebec, her beloved Germany was calling her name and she went back home, much to our dismay.  In recent years, we had tried to find her, but to no avail.  So, imagine our delight when we received an email from her!  She was able to track us down, and we are SO glad to be back in communication with her! 

+++I made a new pizza dough in the bread-maker the other night that was SO good, I thought I'd share:

put in bread-maker in the order listed
2 teaspoons dried granulated yeast
3 cups ww flour
1 tsp. salt
3 tbsp. sugar
2 tbsp. olive oil
1 cup water plus
2 tbsp. water

this made two delicious big thin-crust pizzas

+++I made this poster a few weeks ago.  I wanted to make it available to you if you want it.  Here's the link for a couple different "models"  (the BIG file (14.0 MB) is 16 x 20 and will need to be taken to a printer, I would guess) The other one is just 8 1/2 x 11. I'm willing to take special "orders" if you want different colors.  Just email me (jillingtongirl (at) yahoo (dot) com) and I'll be happy to customize.  

+++Saturday Joel opens the patio door and says to me, "Do I have a scar right here?"  I say, "No, I don't see anything."  And then he says, "Cause I tried to get one!"  And just like that he was back out the door.

+++Our Real Simple meals have been delightful as far as ease and simplicity go.  But I wouldn't say that the family has been all that impressed with the taste.  The other night, as we were trying to choke down this meal
(we are not big squash fans), I read the kids the letter we had just received earlier that day from Anil, the boy with Compassion that we sponsor.  Can you imagine what kind of perspective we received as we read it, especially THIS part (written by someone on his behalf)?:
Thank you so much for your sponsorship.  Project provide him nice water filter and suitcase.  Now his family drinking pure water and keep away to disease.  His books and clothes are so safe by the suitcase. He loves you. 
It is embarrassing to even type this out. Us, and our first world problems...even my griping about not wanting to plan out meals and make a list (blushing).

+++Football for the Billingtons was officially over for the season on Sunday morning when Sam and his team lost their first play-off game. None of us were there to see it, but from the score, I don't think Sam minded that we weren't there this time.  Good, hard playing, Les Lasers de Rochebelle. It was a fun to watch you and to cheer you on! Until next year!

+++Our landlord had 4 new windows put in our house a couple weeks ago.  And they are wonderful! One Saturday morning, I had our living room window open. The curtains were billowing in the quite chilly October wind.  Sam asked me why the window was open.  I said, "Because I like 'em."  And then he said, "The windows are like new toys for you, huh, Mom?"  He's quite right.

And I think that is the end of the blabbing for now.  Until next time....