Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Somebody Tell Me What To Do!!

You know how when you were a kid, you just couldn't wait for that time when no one would tell you what to do??

Well, here I am, 40-something, and wishing someone would tell me what to do.  At least when it comes to meals.  I've hit a meal-planning wall.  I can't think.  I don't want to figure anything out and make a list.  So, the other night when Mark and I were on a mini-date (how nice is a spontaneous bit of time away now that Sam can be our babysitter?), I picked up Real Simple at one of our favorite places to go--the little magazine store by our house. 

In it is this:

I've never once in my life followed a menu plan from a magazine.  But I am now, starting today.  In the back of the magazine is a grocery list for every week.  I ripped it out, bought the "supplies" I would need for this week, and followed the recipe (almost) to the T. 

Here's what we had:
And it was wonderful.  The meal was easy and, in my opinion, (let's not ask everyone in the family right now) delicious.  We even broadened our horizons by eating a veggie I've never once prepared before.  Can you guess which one?

I can't wait to try the other most delicious-looking meals and NOT have to worry about "What's for Supper?"

I found this online, so if you want to try too and don't want to buy the magazine, you can.