Sunday, October 16, 2011

Our Canadian Thanksgiving

It was last Monday.  It was a most beautifully, sunny day so we thought it would be a great occasion to visit one of our favorite spots--Les Chuts de la Chaudière.  We picked Sam up from his friend, Guillaume's, house where he had spent Sunday night and headed there with a picnic brunch. 

When it was time to go, no one wanted to, but Jack had a birthday party to attend and Joel had a friend coming over to spend the afternoon.

I wanted to go back there when the lighting wasn't so harsh to take more photos, so Mark suggested I take Sam to his football practice (around 4:00) and make my way back there (it's just 10 minutes from Sam's school) for the second time that day.  I thought it was a wonderful idea and didn't argue too much.  Supper was already in the crockpot so that sealed the deal. 

That day we were thankful...
thankful for 
the changing leaves
being together
the sun
for laughter
for friends
birthday parties
Nikon D90s
 and life!


There are only 15 minutes left in TODAY, so I need to get crackin'.

+++Sam found this in our family room first thing this morning. It had dust bunnies stuck to his feet! Earlier, I had moved our red chair out of it's normal spot so I could jump-rope, and I suppose he'd been hopping around in that spot. I'm just glad I didn't jump on him. Ew!  And how did he get in our house, I'd like to know!
+++Mark made pancakes. Normally, this would not be news because for several years, this has been his Saturday morning tradition. But since football season has started, this has been abandoned for less time-consuming breakfasts. This week's game is tomorrow, so we were once again treated to these beauties.
+++Then chores--another Saturday morning tradition that has gone by the wayside these last couple months, much to the delight of the boys.  We made up for it, though.  We worked HARD!!  We also had another little project.  Both little boys' beds have each lost a slat (right smack dab in the middle where their rears go) over time, so Mark set about to repairing them today with a couple apprentices (J and J).  Their flimsy mattresses were also leaving much to be desired, so Mark found some advertized at a used furniture and went to get them as well.  They asked to have their bunks dismantled (again), so we did THAT too, which meant a good cleaning/reorganizing was in order.
(Joel told me tonight that he was so excited to go to bed because he would be able to see Jack and talk to him.  Isn't that the best?)

+++At noon, the kids and I headed to the library, one of our favorite places in existence.  We got music and books and that beautiful DVD series called Planet Earth (have you seen it?)

+++Home for a quick lunch before I took Sam over to his friend, Gaël's. Gaël plays football with Sam and they've been friends for a couple years.  They went outside and played football together, just the two of them, and then when it rained, they went inside and played Madden NFL on the PlayStation (I think).

+++When I got back, I took a 1.5 mile walk to the only grocery store that I know that sells enchilada sauce.  It was overcast and dark, but I felt very much like walking so decided to risk getting rained on.  I made it there with only a couple raindrops on my head, but when I walked out of the store it was raining pretty hard.  I put my hood up and took off.  And 10 minutes later, it stopped, the sun came out, and the world looked new and beautiful.  I couldn't get enough!  And thus, my walk home was quite a bit longer than the one to the store (and I also had a load of groceries in my backpack).

+++I helped Mark get the "new" mattresses on the beds and we cleaned up a little more.  Then I started supper while Mark and Joel went to get Sam from Gaël's.  This is what the guys saw on the way home.  JEALOUS!!  They called me so I could get a glimpse too, but my view was nothing this spectacular.
+++Friends, Luc and Laura, came over for supper.  Everyone played Uno while I finished up the enchiladas and then we ate!  We looked at all their fabulous vacation pictures (in France) while we ate dessert and had coffee.  We shared prayer requests and prayed together before they left.  It was a sweet evening.

And the end to a GREAT day!