Sunday, September 18, 2011

A Great Saturday

Sam had a football game in the morning.  It was a cold and windy, but the sun was present, thankfully.  And what a FUN game!  Sam was on fire and actually was named Offensive Player of the Game!! Was so sorry that Mark had to miss it, but probably not as sorry as he was!!
Sam is #17
Oh, yeah, the Rochebelle Lasers WON!!

In the afternoon, Jack called three friends and asked if they could come play flag football in the field across from our house.  And Sam and Joel joined them for a rousing game.  The field is about a 2-minute walk from our house, so I thought that I should be there with my cell-phone should anything go wrong. 

Sam found this chair that had been dumped at the recycling bins near the field, and it was a perfect spot for me.
After about an hour the play stopped when Hubert bumped heads with RaphaĆ«l and got a goose egg. 
So everyone came back to our place for more play (dressing up, a trick-or-treat joke on a couple neighbors without my knowledge, and more football).  And while I was outside chatting with one of the moms who came to retrieve her son, a friend ran down the bike path into our neighborhood.  I still don`t know exactly why she came (maybe to go for a run with me?), but she ended up playing basketball with Joel and Sam while I dropped the other two boys off at their homes and then washed my pile of neglected dishes (YES!) while I prepared our supper.  Then we talked her into staying to eat with us.  Love these kinds of spontaneous, real moments in our day.

I took Gab home and the boys went to play MORE football (because they hadn't yet played enough that day!).  We called Mark, who had made it to Cleveland for the night, and told him about our day.  After reading and prayer, it didn't take long for the house to go silent. 

P.S.  I took some 500 pictures today, but much to my chagrin (and his) I don't have ONE of Sam's many catches of the day.  I might need to learn a little more about football to do a better job as a sports photographer.