Thursday, September 1, 2011

Want to have some fun over at the Beautiful Dawn?

Sarah Jane is having a give-away over at Beautiful Dawn.  You have to go see what it's about, but I'll say it involves fall and music and cooking.  Hurry up though, tomorrow's the last day.

And on the music theme, I thought I'd share some stuff I've been digging lately. 

+I recently watched Dan in Real Life again and it reminded me of how much I love the soundtrack.
+Sam has introduced me to a couple new (to me) songs I love:  Someday We'll Know by The New Radicals and Virginia Moon by the Foo Fighters  He is just as surprised as I am that I like his stuff!
+Tenderhearted Child by Greg Brown (a beautiful song to a son from a father)
+In the Long Run by the Grand Funk Railroad
+And anything by the Civil Wars

Any music recommendations to share with me?

1st, 5th, and 9th

Those are the new numbers I have to get used to saying.  My boys went back to school today.  Always a sad day for me, but I actually made it up to this part of the day (3:00) with no tears.  I think I might make it, now!
oh, oh...allergy season!
Nutella stuffed french toast

Surely the sadness over the end of summer can be remedied by a special breakfast, right?  So I made something so nutritious and nourishing that when Jack got up from the table he thanked me for the dessert!! :)


Yesterday afternoon we had one last family summer hurrah.  We went geo-caching on our bicycles.  We didn't find a single treasure, but we had fun clambering around in the woods near our house and just being together on the most BEAUTIFUL day we've seen in a long time.  After our third stike, we headed over to grab some poutine to share.  We will definitely do this again before the snow falls.