Saturday, August 27, 2011

since i last posted...

While there were crazy storms brewing on the east coast, it's been relatively quiet at the Billington house this week.

lets see...last Saturday, Mark and the boys made this for me.

What a great project it was to learn about measuring, cutting, staining, drilling.  They worked so hard.  Thanks, boys.

Joel came in to help me knead the bread when he got his feelings hurt a little for not being able to help at one point in the project.  Thanks, Joely, Mom was feeling lonely.

and we had people over 3 times.  we just love getting people around our table...or tables, like Wednesday night.  What a good time we had, despite the fact that 20 people don't really fit in our living room/dining room and that it was HOT in there so we opened the front door to let air circulate and invited a bunch of bugs to our supper that wouldn't quit bothering us for the rest of the night.
We had lunch with our neighbors one day.  So good to spend time with these great friends.

Mark rode 96 miles this week on his new (used) bike.  He just told me he might go on a little 4-miler tomorrow just to make it an even 100. 

Sam had 3 hours of football practice every day this week.

He wanted to try out for football again this year (he did back in 2009, but was probably too small to be given any serious thought). This year, there were only some 30 kids that came out (school of about 2000) so they are all IN. Mark told me with a little pride that Sam looks really good out there. He's going to be playing wide receiver. I'm a little nervous about watching my kid get pounded, but I'm looking forward to watching him play. I think.

And other than that, there was nothing that note-worthy.  There were games and laundry and meals to prepare and thank you notes to write and books to read and the Wii to play.