Sunday, August 14, 2011

Our Top Ten (or twelve)

The nature of our work means that we get to combine "business (meeting with supporters)" with "pleasure (family vacation, visits with family and friends)" every summer.  We love this time to get away, have a change of pace, give the kids a chance to know their family, speak English :), and to share with people how God is working, specifically in Quebec.

Many times we feel the need to explain to people that it's not a 6-week vacation--that it's work, too.  Maybe someday we'll be free from this compulsion to "justify", but probably not.

When we crossed the border into the States back at the end of June, the guard asked us all the usual questions about our purpose in the country, our length of stay, etc.  He handed Mark back our passports and told us to have a nice day.  As we drove off, we heard him say to the guard with whom he shared the booth, "Must be nice!"

Yes, it was.

I asked the family give a list of their favorite things from this summer.  And here they are.

Oh, and I think it would be fun to listen to this song by Josh Garrels while reading about our summer

+Seeing the Statue of Liberty
+The Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument
+Seeing all my grandmas and grandpas
 +Swimming at Grandma and Grandpa E's community pool
+Driving golf carts at the T's place
+Visits to the public library
+Having pizza with Uncle Rick and Aunt Kennetha and going out for ice cream and getting all muddy at their new house
+King's Island with Chase and Grandpa and Grandma B
+Going to the cabin with Jake, Lydia, and Claire.
 +Grandma E's coffee cake

+King's Island with Grandpa and Grandma
+Going to the Franklin library
+Going to watch Harry Potter with Sam, Hannah, and Dad
+Seeing family

+Visiting DC
+Visiting the Olympic Stadium at Lake Placid
+Swimming at Virginia Beach
+Visiting NYC
 +Watching movies with Uncle Jeff, Aunt Jackie, and Bryce
+Playing games with Grandpa and Grandma Ernst

+Spending time with friends
 +Youth group
+King's Island with Grandma and Grandpa Billington
+Driving golf carts, motorcycles, and four-wheelers at the Tates
 +Washington DC, New York City, and Virginia Beach
+Pacers' Basketball Camp
+Going to Guitar Center with Uncle Jeff and Dad
+Going to the cabin with (most of) the Ernsts
+Movie night with Uncle Jeff and Aunt Jackie
+Spending time with Little Grandma
 +Staying with Grandma and Grandpa Ernst

+Being in Washington DC, experiencing it all for the first time
+Picking out a pattern and fabric, and then making a dress with my mom (I think she thinks I have a bit more self-control than when I was 17)
+A late night walk around the neighborhood with the boys and my dad
+Good talks with friends at DQ, Starbucks, a Sushi restaurant, in a backyard beside the pool, Panera's, on the patio overlooking the pond, Red Lobster
+3 days at our Brown County get-a-way with family

+Looking at old pictures, reading the Mad Pad and my grandma's diary, reminiscing, connecting with my family
+24 hours with my best friend and college roommate
+A date with Mark
+Swimming in the creek with our friends, the T's
+Garage saling with Joel and my parents
+Workouts early in the morning to try to avoid the heat
+Watching my kids enjoy themselves

+Visit to Lake Placid
 +Seeing Arlington Cemetery
+Laying on the beach at Virginia Beach
+Golfing with friends
+Spending time with the family in Brown County
+Driving in our new van
+Being able to get back into bike riding
+Doing work projects for my mom
+Going to see Harry Potter with the boys
+Our day in the country with the T's