Thursday, August 4, 2011

What We Did Last Saturday

We have some good friends (for now, we'll call them the T's since I don't know if they want their names splashed in public) that we try to see every year when we are back. Since we had a Sunday meeting not far from their home, we arranged to spend a couple days with them. Whenever we go to see them we know we'll have a fun time because they are just fun people who always have something interesting planned for us to do. We've picked blackberries and made jam together, visited the Indianapolis Zoo, gone thrifting, ridden go-carts, played together on a big playground (yep!), and eaten fabulous food (this happens EVERY time). This year though, I think my crew would all say, was the most memorable. We went to Mr T's parents' place--300 acres of trails, Wildcat Creek, cute little cabins, and a zip line.

My boys thought they died and went to heaven when they got to drive golf-carts, go-carts, a four-wheeler, and a motorcycle (well, only Sam was allowed on the bike) most of the day.  L and I took a long walk in the creek and met up with the husbands and the kids for a fantastic refreshing dip in the swimming hole they found.  Nine friends laughing, splashing, chatting, dunking, way away from the world...I'll take that any day over Disney World or a mall or a water park. I regret not having any pictures of that, but I learned my lesson a couple years ago about cameras getting too close to water and left mine safely back in the lodge for this part of our day. 
We met back up at "the lodge" for hamburgers and the very best sweet corn grown lovingly by the T's and wiled away the evening hours rocking on the porch and spitting out cherry pits.

It was a fabulous day!  Thanks, T's!!