Thursday, July 21, 2011


We are staying with my parents this summer in their new home, which they purchased last year after living overseas for 35+ years.  It's been fun to watch them enjoy their place.  They are able to finally have all of their sweet family treasures under one roof (instead of stored in boxes and barrels in various places).  My dad built a magnificent set of shelves that flank a long wall in the living/dining area, and Mom has proudly displayed there her collection of miniature pitchers, some china pieces that belonged to her mom and grandmothers, old photographs, and other special things.  And we are seeing some of this stuff for the first time, which is at the same time both strange and wonderful. 
These dolls were my mom's when she was little.  
They "walk" when you put them on a slight decline, and they are delightful.

These old photos are ones I don't believe I ever saw.  Here I'm pictured with my older brother and my Grandma Stanley

And here we are with our very handsome dad.

My maternal grandmother...what a beauty!
My paternal grandparents on their wedding day
My Grandpa Stanley and me

these are my dad's four sisters...I can not handle the cuteness of this photo
Mom's pitcher collection

These pick-up sticks were my dad's.  We had played with them several times when I decided to count the sticks to see how many of the original had been lost or broken over the years.  Not a one!  And now I panic whenever the kids want to play.  Maybe I'll hide the game until we get ready to leave!!!

 My dad unveiled his matchbook collection...
some 600 matchbooks mostly collected in his first 16 years.
 Mom says I made this, but I don't remember, and it looks way too neat for it to be my handiwork
 checking out a rock collection
 We are having a great time touching the past, sharing stories from the past.  It's priceless.