Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Surprise (or not) Birthday Party

So my mom turned 70 on July 2nd.  We wanted to do something special for her, so for a couple months we (my brothers, their wives, and I) communicated via email and phone to plan some birthday fun.  One day while letting my dad in on our plans, he said, "Did you know that you sent us an email about your mom's surprise?"  I couldn't believe it.  I guess I had accidentally added my parents to the recipients list when I wrote that initial email to my brothers. "What does she know about it?", I wanted to know.  "Just that it's a surprise," he said.  Just perfect!

We went ahead in secrecy pretending as if all that had never happened.  Here's the invitation that we sent out to her friends.  Notice that at this point I was still in denial about letting the cat out of the bag because I mention twice on the invitation that it's a surprise. 

It was really nice to all work together to get this celebration, surprise or not, prepared.  And we had such a great time at the actual party, being with the friends and family who came to honor my mom on her day.
After-party fun:
all the grand kids with my mom and the pom-poms we used as decorations

My s-i-l, Gwen, made the wonderful cakes. My s-i-l, Aracely, purchased all the food and prepared and arranged most of it with Gwen.  My brother, Dan, collected stories from friends and family and made a memory book for my mom.  My brother, Rich, helped a lot with set-up and decorating and put up with a lot of teasing for his efforts.  And Mark made a fantastic play-list and ran around town on the day of the party hunting down fresh daisies for the tables and then got us all lunch when we needed it.  My friend, Wendy-the-Life-Saver, came on very short notice and helped with the flower arrangements (and even dug up daisies from her garden to help us out with the casual, fun, summery look we were going for.)  Her daughter, Hannah, and our Sam helped out by making punch and cutting cheese.  I'm sure there were also a great many other details that were taken care of that I don't know of or don't remember, but the important thing is, we all participated and it all got done.

And I don't think it mattered at all to my mom that she had a little "heads-up" about the surprise :0)