Monday, July 11, 2011

Fourth of July

We arrived in Indy on Friday (the 1st) afternoon.  Friday night we went to Symphony on the Prairie (Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra) with my parents, my older brother's family and my sister-in-law, Gwen, and her two girls.  This was part of our Birthday celebration for my mom who would turn 70 the next day.  We celebrated her birthday (which, in part, was to throw her off to the real party which was to be the following day and was supposed to be a surprise).  We ate a picnic supper, we yakked, we listened to the beautiful, heart-stirring music, we watched fireworks, and we ate cake. 

Virginia Beach

We've been having so much fun with friends and family that I'm a little behind updating this blog.  Also, things that happened 10 days ago seem like they happened months ago so writing about them is not easy.

We had a rough trip from DC to Virginia Beach.  Accidents and torrents of rain kept us on the road for 6+ hours.  There was even a point where we considered heading back to DC and just ditching our plans for Virginia Beach.  We are glad we didn't, because 2 short days in the sand and sun and waves was medicinal. Watching the kids enjoy the experience was just delightful and I will never forget it.
my four guys playing in the warm water