Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Day Four or “I love this city!”

I was the only one who didn’t need to be dragged from bed.  I don’t think the crew got up until after 8:45.  I sat on the floor in the dark by the room door and finished up a blog post.  After packing up our bags and eating a hurried breakfast, we headed back to the Metro, this time feeling like experts. 

Our first stop was the Arlington National Cemetery.  Mark asked me if we should walk or take a tourmobile.  I said we should walk, but then we reconsidered this option and went for the tour.  As we rode and heard stories I was so glad we decided not to walk.  I had no idea of the size.  It was hot and sticky and the kids would never have made it.  I got choked up a couple times, something else I wasn’t expecting.

Next we ate lunch in the Old Post Office and hit the Museum of Natural History.  As we walked along the street heading back to the Metro, we decided that next year’s road trip will not be a mystery one.  We ALL want to go back to DC.  Two days was not even close to long enough, and we all loved our visit so much that we want to come back next year.  What a fun thing to look forward to and to plan for!

Museum of Natural History

Smithsonian Institution

As I type this, we are headed to Virginia Beach.  We’ve been on the road for over 4 hours and we still have a couple more to go.  We hit some awful traffic, then an accident put things at a standstill and now we are driving in a torrential downpour.  I think our beloved DC is calling us back. 

Thank you and farewell, most lovely Washington DC...until we meet again.

Day 3 or “Wow, it’s a lot further away than it looks.”

After breakfast, we packed up our bags and headed out for location #2—Washington DC.  We had quite a long day in the car, but everyone was healthy and quite happy so the time went by faster than it could have had we had any sick ones or had we been fussy.  We listened to Adventures in Odyssey, listened a couple times to our Summer 2011 playlist to which everyone had contributed 5 or 6 songs, and read/listened to a couple chapters in our current book:  Let Sleeping Vets Lie by James Herriot.

We arrived in Springfield, VA around 4:30.  We settled in to our hotel and then set out to figure out the Metro.  We took the blue line from Franconia-Springfield to Metro Center and then walked our legs off for a couple hours visiting first the Washington Memorial and then the Lincoln Memorial. 
They were  impressive, beautiful, and not even comparable to any pictures or movies I’ve ever seen depicting them.  Before heading back on the Metro to our hotel, we each had a refreshing chocolate shake from McDonalds on  F street and we forgot about our sore feet for a bit. 

We got back to the hotel a little after 10:00 and after showers and prayers no one had to tell the kids to be quiet and go to sleep.  It was quiet in our room not long after heads hit the pillows.