Friday, June 17, 2011

Miscellaneous and Out-of-the-Blue Recent Quotes from the Brothers

Joel:  "I want to invent something, but everything has already been invented."

Jack:  "I'm afraid that someday I'm going to be a cannibal." (explanation:  Jack is a little bit paranoid about various things, usually things that involve the possibility of some made-up wacko behavior.  He's a little like Bill Murray in What About Bob.  "If I fake it, then I don't have it."  I told him that I could understand his concern if he was a violent boy who tortures animals, but the fact that he gets upset if he kills an ant, assures me that he could never kill a person, let alone kill and eat a person.  Oh, the conversations I NEVER imagined I would have with my kids!!)

Joel:  "Did you know that you can swim naked or you can swim with your bathing suit on." 
           Why, yes, I did know that.  Birthday suit or bathing suit, that is the question.

Joel, Jack, and I were sitting on the front steps eating watermelon yesterday.  A UPS truck rolls around the corner and stops at the neighbor's.  I say wistfully, "I'd like to get something from UPS."  Without a second's hesitation, Jack says, "I'd like to see a UFO."  And the next sentence came just as suddenly from Joel, "I'd like a PSP."   Don't know what to make of this, actually.  We are all apparently a little discontent, unconscious of one another's thoughts, and a little obsessed with 3-lettered acronyms.

Joel:  "I have a lot of body-hair for a 6-year old."