Wednesday, June 15, 2011

About Reading

+++I couldn't find Joel one day.  I heard him when I called and discovered him sitting at the side of our herb garden, reading.

+++I gave Mark a Kindle for Christmas.  One night at supper this week he asked us all to guess how many books he had read on his Kindle.  I don't remember our guesses, but his answer was 25!! (He has also listened to 10 audio books since Christmas). 

+++Jack can totally immerse himself in a book.  I'm jealous of his ability to block out the world and dive into a story.  I think, however, that he is missing some big chunks of life because of this knack.  The other day he told me this that his teacher told the kids that her mom is really sick and in the hospital.  She cried.  Then he added, "Well, that's what my friends said, anyway."  Thinking he must have been on an errand to the office or maybe taking care of business in the bathroom, I said, "Where were you, Jack?"  Do you know what he said?  "I was there, Mom.  I was reading."  And there you have it.  His teacher was crying and sharing with the class how upset she was that her mother was ill, and he totally missed it.

+++I have a goal this summer to read a book a week.  Now that I type it out, it sounds kind of ambitious and a tad unrealistic.  But I'm sticking with it.

+++All the walls in this house are made of shelves. We could have maybe used this in a few years if Mark hadn't gotten a Kindle.