Wednesday, June 8, 2011

About Sunday Afternoon

The little town of which the border is just 30 yards from our house is called Cap Rouge.  There was an art festival there on Sunday afternoon.  The kids had some friends over and we walked down there together, not so much for the art, but  to enjoy the sunny, summer, festive atmosphere.  And to get ice cream at our favorite little casse-croute

After ice cream (and a slush puppie for Jack), Sam and his friends walked back home, and we went on to visit our dear friends, Francis and Armelle (a little bit more spontaneity) as they had called us a few minutes before we left the house asking if we had time to stop by and prendre un cafĂ©.  Jack, Joel and Ousama jumped on their trampoline and the rest of us had a nice chat.

Love these kinds of days!

About Exercise

This morning as I was walking back to my car from the track where I'd been running intervals, I had a train of thought that started with how years ago people didn't need to schedule workouts (if they even knew what one was) into their days because physical labor was their life, and ended with the recognition that I always feel so much better, mentally, after a run.  Not too long after those thoughts went through my mind, I met a man coming the other direction.  We nodded to each other as fellow-exercisers usually do.  And then he said something.  I had my headphones on so I ripped them off and said, "Pardon?"  He repeated, "It's like medicine, isn't it?"

Now how could he have known that that was exactly what I had been thinking?

Mark and I used to be spontaneous.  If one of us had an idea at the spur of the moment that included a change of plans, the other one was usually game.  Seems like that was a lifetime ago.  He still tries to suggest that we have a date or go have a picnic even though it's not planned, but I say grown-up things like, "I can't!" or "We can't ask so-and-so to watch the kids at the last minute?" or "Let's see if Friday will work."  So boring.  

Yesterday, though, as I was preparing supper, Mark announced that he was going for a run really quick since the potatoes wouldn't be done for another 40 minutes.  And 15 minutes later, the five of us were on our bikes headed to this great running path through the woods that borders the high-school running track mentioned earlier in this post.  Sam and Jack ran with Mark, Joel rode his bike around the track, and I did a quick 15-minute full body workout in the grass.  Then we all came back together, rode home, and sat down to baked potatoes topped with meat sauce and a sprinkle of cheddar cheese and a big plate of raw veggies.  

There had been no planning, just an idea that evolved in a couple minutes.  It felt great!  Felt like the olden (spontaneous) days again.