Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A little phone-cleaning

Following is the most odd collection of photos recently downloaded from my phone and some stories to go along with them.

Cute bathtub first birthday cake of our little friend, Santiago.  I think it is a darling idea.
Joel and I entertained ourselves this winter during our walks home from school at 10:30.  One of the things we liked to do was to notice how much higher this snow pile was getting every time we passed.  Sometimes we both climbed it (probably to the amusement of passersby), but most of the time I just watched Joel climb and then slide (or run) down. 
When winter was coming to a close, there was a lot of ice along the sidewalks.  It was fun to walk right along the sides and listen to it crack and break under our feet (probably another source of amusement to anyone who caught a glimpse of a 42-year old "girl" and her 6-year old walking as if on a balance beam along the far edges of the sidewalk).  This day we were putting the "puzzle" of broken pieces back together (I don't think anyone saw us doing this as we were tucked away on the bike path leading into our neighborhood).

I saw this face in the snow that was clinging to our retaining wall.  Please tell me you see it too.
And then I saw this face at the Sushi kiosk in the mall.  It's my friend, Anika!!  How fun that was!
I saw these fish mosaics one day when I entered the kids' school building.  It's the most joyful art display I think I've ever seen.  The one above is Jack's.  Bravo, Jack!
We've been spotting (and laughing at) these announcements on the back of city buses all over town.  It is a an awareness campaign for the Colo-rectal Cancer Association of Canada and it says "Faites voir vos fesses."  Translation:  Get your butt seen!  It certainly attracts one's attention, so A+ for that, Cancer Association of Canada!
Here is the beginning of the Easter sunrise that was my joy to behold while I ran that morning.
The evening of the day we got our van, both Mark and Sam had engagements that took them away from the house.  It was a Friday, and Jack and Joel really wanted to give our new wheels a spin.  Why not, I decided, but where would we go on a Friday night at 8:00?  We drove around for about 10 minutes listening to Isfahan at top volume (And I had a cute conversation with Jack about how it made him feel listening to it.  I've talked about it here before, but it must be said again. This piece is SPECTACULAR and evokes in me a strange combination of emotions every time I listen to it.  Jack said on that day that it made him feel happy, sad, and a little bit afraid.

Then we switched it up a little and sang and danced to Stayin' Alive!  What a fun night that was!  We stopped in at a cafĂ© and sat at the counter in the front window drinking our hot chocolates and coffee so we could admire our precious new van (I'm telling you, the kids are obsessed with this Dodge Grand Caravan as if it were a fancy sports car).

And that's the end of my phone's photos and the end of my stories.  I must go listen to Isfahan one very last time before closing up my computer for the night.

Close your eyes, breathe deep, and have a listen.