Monday, May 9, 2011

Scattered thoughts about Mother's Day

On Sunday morning I woke up early and went downstairs.  On the table, I found two vases of flowers, a card from Mark, and a beautiful, long letter from Sam propped up against one of the vases. 

Later on, after church, Sam came into my classroom where I was still helping the kids finish up gifts for their moms.  With a sheepish grin, he handed me a frame in which was a handwritten letter.  I read it and laughed with him about how hard it must have been for him to come up with more beautiful words (when his teacher had given them this Mother's Day assignment in class)  after he had most likely racked his brain the night before in order to write the first letter. 

My mom told him on the phone that he should have just put the framed letter away in his closet to give to me next year.  He loved that idea only it was too late!

And speaking of my mom...I'm thankful for her.  I'm blessed to know her and to learn from her.  I'm also rejoicing with her and the rest of her family and friends that she is CANCER-FREE!  What beautiful words those are to say!

On the right, is my very favorite picture of my mom.  On the left is my grandmother, her mom (or "Mother" as she called her).  Two beautiful women, I'm glad to call mine.

I had a wonderful day.  After lunch and some quiet time (in which I called my mom), I spent time just hanging out in the living room with my boys, each of us sort of doing our own thing, but all in one place where our "own thing" intersected with one or more of somebody else's "own thing" (when this is happens, it's one of my happiest times in the whole world).

Then we went to visit the Parc des Chutes-de-la-Chaudière where we walked and talked (about dams and currents and strange people) and laughed (about barrage as a swear word and some imitations of our favorite neighborhood jogger) and ate strawberries.  I had remembered to bring my camera, but it was quite useless to me seeing as I forgot to put my memory card back in it after downloading some pictures.  Being outside appreciating nature's beauty, moving together, being together--a favorite combination for the perfect Mother's Day activity.

I'm so glad to be a mother, and I couldn't be more thankful for the three gifts God has given me to love.  I don't ever want to take one single moment with them for granted.