Thursday, May 5, 2011

The City Slickers Enjoy A Day at the Farm

Just as we did last year, our church spent the day at P and D's farm.  We went there to work, but I think we did more playing this year.  A calf decided to make his appearance while we were there.  Mark and Joel got to witness the birth, and I had a hard time accepting the fact that I missed it, but I did get there in time to film a little of this guy's first few moments.  The other cows in the barn were pretty worked up by all the commotion.  We think it sounds like a couple elephants were in there too.  

Mark found a couple sheep jaws bones (teeth and all) and a part of a backbone.  These were the greatest treasures Joel had ever laid eyes on.  He carried them around all day, arranged them on our coffee table as decorations, and took them to school the next day to show his class (I soaked them in bleach, just so ya know).

It's amazing what a little country air can do for one's spirits.