Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Lovely Day in May

Monday was my birthday.
 My friend, B, picked me up at 7:00 for a surprise birthday excursion.  Our destination was the Marais Léon-Provancher, a place I did not even know existed.  One thing is for sure, I`ll be going back there.  We walked and talked and laughed and found some birds who cooperated long enough to be photographed.  I found the stationery beauties to be more accommodating. We even ate breakfast overlooking the pond.  Lovely.

Later on that day, Mark took me to lunch at a quiet Chinese restaurant.  And then we went shopping for a new laptop.  What a lavish birthday present, right?

Then much later in the day (Sam had a guitar lesson and a basketball practice after school), Mark made a wonderful birthday supper for me.  We had his famous Curry Chicken and A Blackberry Apple Crumble.  The kids made cards for me and my gift from them was to get my very dusty, unused-since-1987 clarinet repaired.  I think they might regret that idea, actually.  I know Mark will.

It was a good day