Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Guess what!

+++my laptop died last week.  boo hoo hoo.  I was really quite fond of it.

+++I also have a fondness for PB, but I wish I didn't. 

+++in light of yesterday's news, I really love what Sarah Jane posted on her blog

+++yesterday we still had snow in our yard.  Today we don't.  This is actually a record for the latest we've still had snow on our property.  Previous record was May 1st.

+++I watched the Royal wedding.  I liked it. 

+++This is for my friend, Cara

Source: None via Laura on Pinterest

+++I don't like when my kids say, "Guess what!" and make me guess, so I'm sorry I just said it to you (but I didn't make you guess, so it's okay maybe)