Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter weekend


Jack just started learning to play handball recently.  He takes an after-school lesson weekly and then walks home after practice, so we’d never seen him play.  Friday he had an all-day tournament.  It was face-paced and quite interesting, and most of all, Jack loves to play it.

 That night we had one of our Billington work nights.  Instead of a Relient K song being our signal to come together for an activity, it was a Spur 58 song and it was Jack who made our playlist.  And our activities were Good Friday-related:
     read the account of the crucifixion from John (this we did by candlelight)
     eat chocolate chip cookies and watch
this video 
     pray together and thank God for his sacrifice
     watch this
creative work of art 

After pancakes and some more chores, Mark took the boys on a trip to the library to return books (the first time we’ve been on time in a long time, I shamefully admit) and a stop at the grocery store while I stayed home and dirtied up the kitchen. 

The night before as we read from the Gospel of John, the kids had questions about the differences in the 4 accounts, which gave me the idea for an interesting study.  I listed out events in the story of Jesus’ death and had the big boys read from each of the gospels and find which events were recorded in which gospel.  They really worked hard, and seemed to enjoy it.  It was pretty cute to hear them working together.DSC_0070In the afternoon we colored eggs.  My original plan was to make marbled eggs, but after making a huge mess, ruining my cheese grater, and having terrible results on the first egg, we switched to good old-fashioned food coloring and vinegar in water.  Joel had the most fun of everyone. DSC_0098 DSC_0101

At 5:30 was our Canadiens hockey-watching party that we had for the kids.  Sam had 5 friends (Assil, Nick, Jeane, Anne-Sophia, and Chloé) and Jack had 1 (Léon).  Mark grilled hamburgers. They all ate and watched the game on the living room  wall (like the set-up have for our annual Super Bowl party).  I’m not exaggerating when I say I don’t think our house has ever contained so much noise for such a long-period of time.  6 teenagers, 2 fourth graders, and a 6-yr. old!!! Crazy.  And the giggling that was mostly coming from the teenage boys in the house, I’m telling you! It was delightful, if a tad loud at times.  The game was over around 11:00 and everyone but Joel and I made it that long.  DSC_0112

I had the idea the day before, to have my own Easter celebration by doing a long run at sunrise.  I made this playlist:
Paul Baloche 
I Cling to the Cross
Crystal Lewis 
My Redeemer Lives
Matt Maher 
Christ is Risen
Heritage Singers 
At the Cross
Keith Green 
The Easter Song
Ramsey Lewis 
Oh Happy Day
Matt Maher and Kari Jobe 
To You Be the Glory
The Saving One
Matt Redman 
You Alone Can Rescue
Keith and Kristyn Getty 
See, What a Morning
My Redeemer Lives
Nicole Muller 
Chris Tomlin
I Will Rise
Chris Tomlin  Amazing Grace

And then I went out about 5:15 and ran east for about 4.5 miles.  It was glorious—the run, the music, the worship, the art-work in the sky!  And then I ran up a huge hill, and the wind blew my hat off.  As I chased it down across the street I realized I would have the wind in my face the 4.5 miles home.  The second half of my Sunrise Service was more agonizing than it was worshipful, but it was overall a great experience that I hope to make an annual tradition.

Our church had a lovely breakfast and worship service later on that morning.  Our neighbor friend, Élie, went with us.  And that reminds me that he`s getting his own post soon.  And I’ll be sure to add details from his visit to Credo on Easter Sunday. 

From there we went over to our friends’ (the V’s) house to spend the afternoon and eat a late lunch.  We had a very lovely time.  I made this cake, and while you can see that, visually, mine didn’t compare, I believe no one but me cared about the way it looked.

DSC_0118 We came home and watched Hallmark’s Hall of Fame Beyond the Blackboard.  Some very tired kids fell into bed that night.

What a beautiful weekend it was.  How was yours??