Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Hit and Run


Okay, I saw this picture today and it reminded me of something that happened a while back, and I feel like posting it.

This is an excerpt from a letter to my family…

Mark took Santi home (with Sam this time) and then around 4:30 the snow sort of died down, it got really calm, and Sam and I went out to shovel Alain's (next-door neighbor to the right who is ailing) steps and ours. 

A little later, our contracted snow-plow guy came into the neighborhood.  I love to sit in the window and watch.  I love watching the driveways getting clean, the neighbors scurrying to move their cars, the snow piling up in people's yards.  This day was no different.  I called the boys to me (√Člie and Joel) but they were in the middle of a hockey game in the dining room so they only watched for a couple seconds.  Mark was watching too, but back a ways from the window. 

I had asked him to go ask Alain if he wanted him to move his car for him, but when Mark went out, Alain was already out at his car cleaning it off so he could pull out of the driveway.  So Mark moved our trash cans up on the landing and came back in.  All of a sudden, I yelled out, "Yikes!  Alain just rammed into Pascal`s car."  That's the neighbor on the other side of us.  Pascal was in the other of their two cars waiting to pull back into his clean driveway and had parked the first right out in front of Alain's house.  But I watched Alain pull forward and circle around the cul-de-sac.  He never got out of his car to check it.  He just waited in line until our driveway was cleared and then he just pulled back into it and went on in the house. 

So I started doubting myself.  Maybe it didn't really happen.  Mark questioned me too and I began to get a cloudy memory.  Pascal evidently didn't see it, because after he parked the one, he ran to the one I thought had just been hit, jumped in it, and drove it right in beside the first and went on in HIS house.  So I decided to go make sure I had seen what I thought I had seen.  I took our trash cans out to the street and in between trash cans, I ran over and had a quick scan of Alain's car (a little white scratch, but it could have been from another time??) and then ran over quick to Pascal and Guylaine's car to see if I was imagining things.  No, I was not!!  Huge, deep dent!!!  Alain was watching me out his window and opened up the door when I started back up our steps (I’m sure now that he was checking to make sure no one had seen him).  He just yelled out a thank you for the bread I had given him a few days before.  I thought was strange and went on in the house not knowing what in the world to do!! 

When I got back in, Mark said that I had to go tell Alain that I saw what had happened and that he needed to go tell Pascal and Guylaine.  I've never wanted to do anything less in my life!!!  But I went because I knew he was right!  Alain totally knew, but he said, "Really?  It’s bad??  I'll go tell them tomorrow!"  I said, "I think you need to go now, Alain."  He said, "I'll go tomorrow."  I came back in the house just devastated.  If he wasn't going to tell them, then I needed to, but I sure didn't want to do that.  I couldn't believe that I had been a witness to that!!  I moaned around about how could this turn out good and why and blah, blah, blah because I sure didn’t want to get in the middle of this thing with two neighbors that I love!! Jack said something like, "Mom, God has a plan.  He always does."  I needed to hear that from him.  So then I convinced Mark to go over and have a talk with him (I thought man-to-man, you know?), but when he went out, Alain was already on his way over there to Pascal’s mumbling something to Mark about how Pascal shouldn’t have parked his car there.  I was so glad he decided to go on his own.  I watched as they went out to look at the car together, and then I closed the curtains.  I didn't need to be a witness to any more crimes, at least not that day!

That’s my story.