Tuesday, April 5, 2011

What we did on Sunday

I taught Sunday School and was so pleased with the kids.  My group of 10 kids ranged from 1st graders to Secondary Two (8th grade) which is sometimes quite challenging. But on this day everyone worked hard, listened well, participated easily, and we learned a lot.   I love teaching on days like this.

After we ate lunch (ham and cheese on bagels) we all went to our rooms for a couple hours of quiet reading or sleeping.  Part of that time, I ran some friends to the airport for their trip to Orlando for the week.  The best part of that was they are lending us their car while they are gone.  Mark took our only car to the States so it’s so nice to have wheels for part of the time that he’ll be gone. 

Then our little neighbor friend (who deserves a whole post of his own) came over to play basketball and ping pong with the kids for about an hour.  And then I sent him home (not an easy thing to do) and we headed out to Tim Horton's.  The kids had smoothies (and a doughnut each) and I had a coffee and we told stories.  From there we walked over to the grocery store.  Sounds crazy, but we had a nice time in there too, leisurely picking up a couple things we needed. 

The kids played Mousetrap (another subject that deserves its own post) while I made Curried Quinoa with Shrimp.  And then we headed down to the basement with our plates of food to watch a Little House on the Prairie episode.  It was the one where all their wheat crop gets destroyed by hail and Pa has to walk 100 miles to find work in a rock quarry.  Of course, I’m boohooing my way through the whole thing.  It doesn’t take much for me—the looks between Charles and Caroline, the way the whole family pulls together, the hard work, the friendships—I’m a basket case, really.  But in this story, Charles’ friend at the quarry gets blown up by dynamite and he has to go tell the wife and son on his way back to his house.  Oh help me!  As he’s running up the road to greet his own family at the very end, Jack says, “I wonder how long he was gone.”  And Joel says, “12 days!”

P.S.   I’ve spent the last two days clutching a box of Kleenex, wiping, sneezing, hacking, and groaning.  I even downed a cup of Theraflu (which I detest with all my being), because I felt THAT bad.  So I’m going to bed now at 8:25!!  Bonne nuit!