Monday, April 4, 2011

So far we are surviving

DSC_0002To help me answer the question, “When is Dad coming home?”, I made this quick countdown calendar where we could document our days.

While I don’t live my life with the idea that it’s all about self-indulgence and ease, it is true that time goes along a little faster when the days are fun.  So in an attempt to make these 12 days fly by, we’ve been busy and I may be spoiling the boys, but just a little.

Saturday after chores, we made bagels.  They were completely interested in the process and fully participated at every stage except the mixing of the dough.  And while we turned out what most likely are the world’s ugliest bagels, they sure did not taste ugly.

 DSC_0047 DSC_0055 DSC_0059DSC_0064DSC_0066DSC_0074 Later on that day, I get this little message from Mark:  I wrote on Sam's wall for him to ask you to watch the Butler game with them tonight.  It starts at 6:00 and I think the kids have more fun when one of us is watching it with them.  I hope you don't mind me asking you to take my place with them.

It’s true, he said it so nicely, but that’s because he knows I would not likely choose a sporting event as my Saturday night activity.  And he also knows that I could not NOT watch the game with them with a request stated in such a way?  So I did watch the game (most of it, anyway) and even ordered pizza for the kids.  I cannot remember the last time I ordered pizza.  In fact, as Jack was eating he said, “How did you know how to order this, Mom?”  HA!DSC_0077We had a great time, and I’m glad I watched with them, especially because they WON!!

Wait till you see what rip-roarin’ fun we had Sunday!!