Friday, April 1, 2011

Love this--the couple, the bicyles, everything

After supper last night, Mark took off  to the  States for a conference and a visit with his parents.  He’ll be gone 12 days, and that realization is not boding well for one little man in particular.  I wasn’t really able to console him very well,  but last night when we prayed together all piled up on our bed, I peeked to see Joel grabbing one of Sam’s hands, and Sam had a firm grasp of Joel’s shoulder with his other hand.  I’m glad there’s still a “man of the house” even though Mark is gone!

Yesterday I was looking through our pictures for the last couple months and  printing some for Mark to take to his family.  I thought I’d post some of those here.  

2011-02-07336DSC_0655DSC_0658DSC_0686031 058 Joel and I made this realtor a snow beard by wiping off all but that part of the sign.  It made us laugh, anyway!290 

Have a great weekend, everyone!