Monday, January 3, 2011

2nd week with Grandma and Grandpa

We are having a sad day around here.  We dropped my parents off at the bus terminal at 6:45 this morning.  It feels empty and lonely, but we are so thankful for an amazing two weeks.  What good times we had!  Here is a smattering of pictures and a video to try to capture the loveliness.

DSC_0298We Skyped with  my brothers and their families!  A second try after terrible reception on the day after Christmas.DSC_0320Grandma and Joel made goodies. DSC_0327Grandpa gets points for being the most perseverant puzzle putter-together.  We even started another one after this one was completed.   DSC_0331 Games, games, and more games…DSC_0340Grandma wins most patient Jr. Monopoly Player and made Joel one very happy boy!

My parents got to meet quite a few of our friends. 

We spent a wonderful evening with our closest group here a couple days after Christmas, and it was a joy to introduce them to Mom and Dad. 

New Year’s Eve, we went to some other precious friends’ and almost rang in the New Year (we headed out at 11:00) with them by eating delicious pie, chatting and laughing, and playing Balderdash. 

And one night we had friends, who are back from California visiting family, over for supper.  And both being terrific musicians, they indulged us with a mini-concert after we begged a little.

093-1Mom made us one of her signature Chinese dishes.DSC_0461As the time with my parents wound down, we realized there were things we wanted to do together but hadn’t managed to get done.  So we made a list.  Everyone contributed.  Yesterday afternoon we squeezed in 4 or 5 of those things.  Grandma really wanted to hear Sam play his guitar, so she finally did…just hours before they headed out.  There was a Morris Story for the kids (and the adults) from Grandpa, some piano duets by my mom and me (of which only the participants enjoyed—I don’t understand) and even Mark graced us with his guitar-playing skills.DSC_0427Jack wanted to walk in the woods so we did that too…just as the sun was setting.  It was magical! DSC_0454DSC_0455 DSC_0423 DSC_0409150And just after I typed magical, Mark came along and said, “That looks like World War II.”  I guess we don’t all see things the same way. :)

And so we sadly close the pages of A Wonderful 2010 Christmas and we’ll probably mope around here for a couple days as we eat up the leftovers and half-heartedly put our second puzzle together.  Maybe we’ll take some naps (a little avoidance technique I learned from my little brother) and most likely everyone will need some extra hugs.  But one thing is for sure…there will be a lot of happy remembering.